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Helping Software Development Fly!

Let us give you the confidence to grow your business idea by providing you with information on how your developers are implementing your vision.

Think of us as an on-demand CTO as a Service

With you from the very beginning, for as long as you need us

If you don’t know your Git from your Gulp we’ve got you covered every step of the way

CTO as a Service

Whether you need us to review a proposed tech stack, interview support, strategic advice, or you want to make sure that you are being delivered clear, maintainable and Best Practice Code, we are here guiding you along the way.

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We understand as a non-technical Founder that your expertise is elsewhere. We aim to allow your vision to come to life without technical pitfalls.

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Choose a plan to suit your demand and budget, get the help when you need it most

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Trust through Collaboration

It can be hard to trust your idea will be built to your plan. Let Code Copilot assist your role as founder by being a trusted partner in shipping with confidence.

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Fast & Easy Work

There when you need us to support decisions on technical delivery.

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Create Results

Your ideas can come to life and grow with your business and success.


We cover all bases to give you the confidence to ship

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Code Review

We will analyse code being produced to ensure it is relevant, easy to maintain, and tested.

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Due Diligence

Vetting providers, interviews and challenging CEO, CTO and Architects from suppliers

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UI Elements

Is your solution being developed to work on the devices it needs to?

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Clean Code

Is there a clear Separation of Concerns? If you decide your idea could work as an API, can it adapt?

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Are the team documenting the code, their processes and tests to allow others to understand the implementation?

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Verify deployment processes, how code is maintained in Code Repositories, Pull Requests and other Quality GatesĀ